Thursday, December 29, 2016

6 Easy-Simple and Space-Saving Ways to Decorate Temecula Apartments

If you’re like most urbanites living in Temecula apartments, you don’t have much time left after a busy working day to do anything extra. But since the holidays are drawing near, you might want to make your home look festive and give it the wonderful Christmas holiday cheer. Even if you have a small space to decorate, it’s really not necessary to downsize your holiday expectations—all you need is some simple space-saving decorative ideas to bring the merriment of Christmas into your little home.

Elf feet for tables and chairs

Got plenty legs at home? Table and chair legs, that is. If you do, you can make them look especially Christmassy with covers that look like elf feet. Not many homeowners do this, so you’ll notch major oohs and ahhs from friends and family when they come by for a visit. Read more from this blog: