Monday, December 11, 2017

Give the Holiday a Fresh and Exciting Start with Santa Claus at Sycamore Terrace Apartments in Temecula, CA!

Continuing Our Tradition

Here at Sycamore Terrace, we believe that Christmas is not just for kids, but also for the young at heart! As part of our yearly tradition, we are giving you again the privilege to have a fun-filled early Christmas celebration at Sycamore Terrace Apartments in Temecula. It’s always fun to see how the kids relate to Santa and it offers an opportunity to connect with other residents who may have grown distant over the past year.

As our loyal residents, we value your family’s enjoyment and satisfaction. Get a chance to take pictures with Santa Clause. Bring your kids, and let them revel in Santa’s little surprises. Listen to his classic stories, and let him take you back to your youthful days! Get that perfect shot with Santa Claus for your Christmas card, family album, or #MerryChristmas post on social media! Read more from this article:

Monday, August 7, 2017

Sycamore Terrace Apartments Brings Back Resident Appreciation Week!

A sense of a loving community and limitless outlets for fun – these help make up the Sycamore Terrace Apartments unique charm. While there are plenty of entertaining and exciting things to do around Temecula, we here at Sycamore Terrace strive to offer our residents even more reasons to enjoy their stay with us. We host events and activities for every tenant to enjoy throughout the year.
One much awaited community event is our Resident Appreciation Week, a week-long celebration to show our beloved tenants just how much we value them. According to management, “This is an annual event for the residents of Sycamore Terrace. It’s a week of freebies for the residents, essentially. Each day of the week is a different giveaway of sorts, from free school supplies to a free barbecue at the end of the week. Every year we hope to make Resi Appreciation Week bigger and better for the residents, and this year’s goal is no different.” Read more on this article:

Monday, July 24, 2017

Scores of Baby Boomers Are Now Looking Into Renting Stylish Apartments

Much has been said about millennials and their continuing struggles in homeownership. In fact, experts have repeatedly stated that millennials are today’s “renter generation”, since renting caters best to their preferences.

Surprisingly, however, another generation is seen to enter the renting market: the Baby Boomers. With most of them nearing (or are already entering) retirement, baby boomers are now looking into the numerous benefits of renting apartments over downsizing.

Renting is Increasingly Popular

Homeownership rates continue to drop at historic rates, and might be partly due to the surging interest among baby boomers to rent. Read more from this blog:

Thursday, June 1, 2017

It’s “Popsicles by the Pool Month” Again at Sycamore Terrace Apartments

By popular demand, Sycamore Terrace Apartments in Temecula is bringing back “Popsicles by the Pool Month” this July. For several years now, this community-wide event has become a much awaited time for socialization among guests, and is quickly turning into a great tradition. This year will be no different as the management staff is only happy to cater to the needs of valued guests.

As temperatures begin to climb in Temecula, there’s no better way to beat the heat than by spending the whole day in the pool. Residents will get full enjoyment out of the pool and spa amenities provided by Sycamore Terrace Apartments. There are two sparkling pools maintained by onsite staff to ensure that it stays pristine and sanitary throughout the day. One pool is even heated to 70 degrees for year round use or if a guest fancies a dip in a summer evening. Read more from this article:

Friday, April 21, 2017

The Best Ways to Brighten Up Temecula Apartments for Spring Season

Spring is the time of year when people shake off the cobwebs to give their apartments a fresh new look by revitalizing stale furnishings and adding some vibrant colors. Rather than leaving your apartment looking dark and dreary, brighten up your living space to match the wildflowers blooming all over Temecula.

If you choose to spend a few hours following these simple tips, you can give your apartment a sparkle to ring in the spring season and embrace it in all its glory.

Local Yard Sales

You probably know that yard sales and garage sales are a great resource for low cost items folks use to spruce up their apartments in Temecula. Read more from this article:

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

The Sycamore Terrace Apartments Easter Egg Hunt Kicks Off This April

Sycamore Terrace Apartments in Temecula continues the tradition of the annual Easter Egg Hunt. Much like last year’s event, residents can enjoy another fun afternoon for the whole family. Sycamore Terrace’s beautiful outdoor community and lush landscaping makes the perfect place for such a festive occasion. Little ones under 12 years of age and their families who are interested in attending can drop by on April 9, 2017.

Sycamore Terrace Apartments strives to maintain a sense of community in the neighborhood to help make residents feel welcomed and valued. One way the community achieves this is by holding residents events and parties in the common areas. Events like the annual Easter Egg Hunt give residents the opportunity to mingle with their neighbors while enjoying the amenities that come with their apartments in Temecula, CA. It’s also a good chance for families to bond and for children to make friends. Read more from this blog

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Sycamore Terrace Apartments Adds Recycling Dumpsters in Two Locations

Temecula, California (January 20, 2017) – For the first time since Sycamore Terrace Apartments was built, recycling dumpsters have been placed in their Temecula apartments. Starting this month, Waste Solutions will be supplying the Sycamore Terrace community with recycling receptacles. The staff hope that this can encourage residents to take part in the green movement and do their part in helping Mother Earth.

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the average person generates over 4 pounds of trash every day. Consequently, the EPA also says that 75 percent of the American waste stream is recyclable, but only about 30 percent of it is recycled. It’s no wonder that so many people resolve to “reduce, reuse and recycle” more this year. Read more from this blog.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Green Living is Possible Even When You Live in Apartments in Temecula

Living an eco-friendly lifestyle doesn’t have to mean buying a house—apartment renters can also do a lot when it comes to ‘going green.’ Even if moving into Temecula apartments means you’ll be moving into a space with its own set of appliances and utilities, you can still manage to save money and be environmentally conscious at the same time by keeping in mind a few handy tips.
Washer and dryer usage
When washing, use cold water to use less energy, and wash at non-peak hours so you don’t add to the electrical and water system’s workload. Instead of using the dryer, let your clothes dry naturally on a rack or clothesline. If you must use the dryer, use the lowest settings, and don’t use the longest setting.
Water in the bathroom and kitchen
If you have a roommate, plot out your shower and dishwasher schedule with them. Keep showers and baths short. To conserve water when flushing the toilet, place a glass jar filled with water into the tank. The jar displaces water when the tank is flushed, allowing you to save a jar of water with each flush.Read more on this article.