Friday, November 8, 2013

Life in Temecula Apartments Just Got Better Thanks to Hospital Opening

"The ceremony to mark the opening of the Temecula Valley Hospital on Monday, Oct. 14, turned into an impromptu community celebration. The event featured hospital CEO Darlene Wetton pulling a cord to remove the covering over the entry sign on the edge of Temecula Parkway. After the sign was revealed, drivers on the heavily-trafficked thoroughfare began honking, waving and cheering. Hospital staff members on hand for the ceremony smiled, waved back and cheered along with them. “The excitement is amazing,” Wetton said. “It’s amazing to hear the honking that is going on as people are driving by this morning.” Indeed, accessible healthcare is part of what makes a community livable, along with other factors such as high quality of life, safe neighborhoods, and progressive economic development. You can find all these in the city of Temecula, and you can reap these benefits when you lease one of the beautiful Temecula apartments available within a few miles of the new hospital."

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