Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Change of Schedule for the Easter Egg Hunt at Our Temecula Apartments

Residents of our apartments in Temecula can expect a fun day ahead to celebrate Easter. As usual, we will hide over 500 eggs for children to find. Three of these eggs will be special “Golden Eggs”. Whoever finds these will be rewarded with a large basket filled with all sorts of prizes and goodies. Kids of all ages are welcome to participate, but parents need not worry too much as we normally separate the younger children from the older ones to keep things fair and all in good fun. Aside from the highlight of the Easter Egg Hunt, other fun activities to look forward to include bunny hop races, egg toss, and other relay-type races. Kids can try out their hands at these after the hunt. Expect to get prizes and other goodies from participating in these as well.

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